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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  April 23, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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we get a live look right now over downtown washington. temperatures in the others. we'll find out how the weekend will shape up in just a second. good morning. tucker is taking the day off but gwen taal -- talbert is in with our forecast. >> good morning. we start with radar and we have a few rain showers right across
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areas of the south. as you can see in our max hd radar here, it is just lingering. it is all associated with a short wave system moving its way off the coast. that will linger just a little bit this morning. here is a look at our yesterday's highs. 74degrees at national airport. 75 at dulles and 73 at baltimore. these temperatures, some six to eight degrees warmer than they should be. we got a little bit of a break yesterday as far as temperatures are concerned and today, we will be a little bit warmer. here is a look at your current temperatures. 46degrees at gaithersburg. 49 at dulles and 48 degrees at manassas this hour and as far as our forecast is concerned, we have agot some sunshine for you. not all bad. our highs will be in the 70s. our top stories, charms have been dropped against the
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juvenile in last month's drive- by shooting on south capital street as police arrest two more suspects in the shooting. four people tied when gunmen fired into a crowd on march 30th. they are dropping the charms against the 1-year-old because thed of says he wasn't involved. brian betts was found shot to death in his home on april 15th. police are now looking for anyone would may have seen a vehicle leaving the alley by his only on columbia boulevard about 12:15 that morning. police say two men were spotted abantonning his o'suv in southeast water. there could be more than one suspect. following a series of public hearings and customer feedback, metro's general manager laid out plans to close a $189 million budget gap. metro said customers made it clear they would prefer rate hikes over service cuts. the plan calls if a 15% hike for rail and 20% for the bus.
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in sports, the redskins have another new player via the nfl draft. >> with the fourth pick in the 2010 nfl draft, the washington redskins select trent williams. >> reporter: the redskins selected trent williams last night. fans excited about the new addition to the team. stacy cohan has more on fan reaction. >> reporter: all eyes were on the big screen blasting at various hot spots around town as the beleaguered fans of the burgundy and gold mustered up hope that this year our luck will change ysm every season since i've been a redskins fan, i felt that way at the beginning of every season. i couldn't really say. i'm showning.
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>> reporter: rumors of a last- minute deal swirled but redskins fans were unwaferring. >> o-line. >> they need the offensive line since they for the mcnabb in there. >> you got to go with a guy that will protect him. >> they waited tensely for word and then -- >> we need an offensive lineman. we need someone to protect donovan mcnabb. >> mcnabb won't survive if we don't have someone there. >> we spent the last couple of years drafting wide receivers. we do need to focus on protecting the quarter being. good pick. >> reporter: stacy cohan being fox 5 news. >> it's new era.
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the redskins still have three picks in the draft over the weekend. stay with us. we have a lot more ahead on fox 5 morning news. weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news fwins right now. good morning to you. it is april 23rd, 2010. temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. -- as fox 5 morning news begins right now. >> gwen is in this morning. >> struggling with the large clock this more than, thank you, tucker. >> we got that rain out of here for the most part. >> there still is a little bit of that lingering rainfall across southern maryland. we'll show what you are we're talking about. just a few clouds to the north of us pretty much. you can see parts of southern maryland, delmarva now still seeing some of the rain.
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it will be out of here before too long. we still have the warm front that will push its way offshore into the morning hours. the good news is a ridge of high pressure will build in behind it. we are going to see some improvement. your current temperatures right now, 57 take at d.c. 53 at baltimore. 49-degree at dulles. the temperatures over on delmarva into the mid others already an we will gradually start to warm up. up the mid-atlantic, new york, boston, into the 40s and 50s as well. a ridge of high pressure is going to be building in. winds are pretty much on the calm side into the course of today. they were a little breezy yesterday. we are going to get a break there as well. as far as our day is concerned. expect 70 degrees, a little bit of sun and a little bit of clouds. enjoy it today because changes are coming on the weekend. >> thank you, gwen. there could be pore arrests -- rae her, we'll go to traffic first. lauren demarco is in for julie
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today. >> we are sluft switching things up on you. no tucker, no julie. >> how are things looking early on this friday? >> actually, great. very light volume this morning -- we are just switching things up on you. you can see a very smooth trip in on nutley street. the right exit ramp is shut down but the left ramp is open for you to use. traveling the beltway into montgomery county, very nice trip right now continuing into bethesda, silver spring an around to college park. 59 in both direction between 212 and 198, we have a work zone there. back to you. police have arrested two
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more suspects in a drive-by shooting last month and police say the 14-year-old who was first arrested as a drive had nothing to do with it. anger and frustration from all sides. the family says police made a big mistake. >> reporter: it was appear unusual news conference. d.c. police say three more people have been charged in the mass shooting but they say the 14-year-old originally chargeeled as the getaway driver had nothing to do with this crime. >> beyond a doubt that the charges against mr. carter should be dropped. >> reporter: the city backtracked and cleared 14-year- old malik carter of any wrongdoing. >> for that, i apologize. in a perfect world, we would never have mistake. >> they should face the truth that they made a mistake. they made a terrible mistake. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene that night and the police chief defended her officers put
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into a dangerous purchase suited after the worst shooting in the district in 20 years. >> the officers, had they not done what they did, we would have nobody in custody today. we would have nobody today. >> reporter: today's developments show it is an ongoing investigation. police now say there were five people involved in the shooting. four have been arrested and one is still on the loose. under d.c. law, the 14-year-old juvenile should never have been identified. a judge today ordered the city to go ahead and make a public apology and identify the teen to clear his name. at police headquarter, roby chavez, fox 5 news. we are learning more about the murder of a d.c. middle school principal. brian betts was laid to rest yesterday one week after he was found shot to death at his home in silver spring. police are looking anybody who may have seen a vehicle leaving the alley on columbia boulevard about 12:15 that morning. >> the time line that we have mr. betts alive at least up to
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is 11:30 p.m. so not only was it close to his house, right negotiation door, but also very close in time. >> betts' missing nissan suv was found two days later in southeast washington. investigators say there could be more than one suspect and that betts may have known his killer. a metrobus driver has now been fired after being accused of pulling a knife during a road rage incident. quake adams was arrested early are this month in southeast washington. he has been on paid administrative leave since the incident. he had been driving for metro for three years. if metro's budget gets the green light, you will be paying more to ride. a budget overhaul calls for rate hike. bus fares would go up 0% to
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$1.50 for passengers using a smart trip card -- bus fares would go up 20%. >> we received a great deal of input from customers. we have thane taken those into account to the greatest extent possible as we propose solutions balances the fy 2000 budget as well as the interests of all in the region fairly. >> there will be a final vote next week. with the fourth pick in the 2010 nfl draft, the washington redskins select trent silverback williams. >> in sports, the redskins selected oklahoma offensive tackle trent williams with the fourth pick in the draft. he was the first player drafted under the new redskins regime of coach mike shanahan. we'll hear prosecute the coach
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coming up later this morning. coming up next though, federal employees busted for their online viewing habits at work. wait until you hear how much one worker allegedly downloaded. plus the latest on the deadly oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. we'll tell you what officials are worried about now. you are watching fox 5 morning news. do you know what's in your spread ? in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just three natural ingredients. delicious sweet cream, canola oil and salt. nothing hidden, nothing artificial. spread pure, natural goodness straight from the fridge. discover land o' lakes
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making headlines, what and to be a small space shuttle has been launched into orbit. obviously, that is not video of that orbit but we do want to tell you about it. it is an unmanned air force rocket that took off from florida. there it is. while details of the mission are being kept secret, sfulz a say major part of the flight is to determine whether the shuttle can reach orbit and return to earth on its own.
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the air force says it will be used for research in space. rescue crews are losing hope of finding 11 missing oil workers and the burning rig in the gulf of mexico has now sunk. workers are worried about an environmental disaster that. rig could leak 300,000 gallons of oil awe day into the water. we have a report. >> reporter: after burning for a day and and a half, the oil rig sinks in the gulf of mexico. supply vessels spent the last 36 hours shooting water onto the flame. >> the fire we've been observing and all the activity we've been observing has ceased and there is now below the surface activity that we have to apprise ourselves of. >> reporter: 126 people were aboard the rig 50 miles off the hue lieu coast when it exploded tuesday. most survivors are back on land but 11 people are still
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missing. rescue crews are scouring the gulf hoping those workers escaped in a lifeboat. >> reporter: during their briefing of the survivors, it was clarified that the 11 missing members may have been in the vicinity of the explosion. >> reporter: the family of one missing worker filed a lawsuit against the rig's owner. other families say it is too soon to make any decisions. >> just wait and see. wait until we hear something. that is all we can do right now. >> reporter: trance-ocean is using underwater robots to try to cap the flow of oil from the ocean's floor. so far, the efforts have not been successful. in miami, steve harrigan, fox news. the coast guard rescued three fishermen from the freezing water in alaska.
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men were eating dinner while the boat sank. the captain's call for help did save the other crewmen but the captain died. the inspector general conducted 33 probes most over the last two years and found a senior attorney spent as much as eight hours a day looking at pornography and downloading it onto his computer. one accountant was blocked more than 16,000 times in one month from sites that his computer flagged as sexual. before a traffic alert. coming up next, we'll map ou road closures for you. it look like it won't be the greatest weekend weather- wise. >> it is not. take advantage of today. we have some sun and a few clouds hanging around. tomorrow, it all changes. not too bad on the roads this morning either. stay with us. we'll have the detail coming
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the question is to i like living in the white house. and yes, it is fun living in the white house. bo likes it too. >> the first family's dog filled the spotlight for bring your kids to work today. first lady michelle obama visited the children of white
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house employees who came to work with their parents. the first dog bo was a big hit with the youngsters. he is too cute. >> he has gotten big. >> he has. wouldn't it be great if we could bring our dogs to work with us. >> i'm telling you, it would be a little crazy in here. especially for the cat lovers. >> today will be fairly decent day i hope. >> it is kind of like the calm before the storm. this will be best day we get out of this entire weekend so anything you have to do outside i suggest you do today. we've got some changes in the forecast. let's begin with a look at our weather headlines. we have some morning showers moving through to the south and east and all remnants of system that brought the wet weather through the area yesterday. if you are heading out and you are in areas of southern maryland and we are talking over delmarva, you will need your umbrella. other than that, you are just dealing with some clouds. some of the clouds will stick
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around during today and overall, it will be pretty nice an downright pleasant. sunday, it really changes because then we are talking a chance of some thunderstorms. be prepared for that, you might want to double-think them if they are outside. we have all of this wet weather that pushed through yesterday, all associate wimbledon frontal system. as i mentioned to the south and east now, we still have some of this lingering. a few clouds as well but those clouds will start to clear out a little bit later on today. we've got a nice rim of high pressure that will build in from the north. starting out this morning with your temperatures. 57degrees right now at d.c. we've got 46 at gaithersburg. 49 at dulles. 53degrees at baltimore and 59 degrees at annapolis. it will be a pretty pleasant day, not quite as warm as yesterday but things will improve. a pretty potent storm system here in the middle section of the country. this is what is heading our way. by the time we get through into sunday, we do have a chance of some thunderstorms. so the lingering rain to the south and east right now into
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the morning hours, ridge of high pressure building in this afternoon sets us up nicely. we have a brief warm-up with some sunshine. then this hits us. saturday, sunday, talking wet weather and by sunday looking at some thunderstorms developing as this low pressure system with its front heads its way across our area. unfortunately, it will linger around for a couple of days so be prepared. partly sunny today. tonight, partly cloudy and then becoming mostly cloudy. your five-day forecast showing you saturday, sunday, even monday are days you will have to keep that umbrella very handy. temperatures above seasonal today just slightly and then we start to cool down. by saturday, we get back up above seasonal by sunday. monday, double 6s in our forecast and # 2 degrees on tuesday with a little bit of sunshine. let's check in with traffic now. yesterday more than, it was fog. today, only a few clouds so not doing too badly out there.
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>> not bad at all. rather light volume in the early-morning hours. let's take a look at the mixing bowl in springfield. folks heading in, no problems here. 95 in maryland, we do have construction set up in both directions between 198 and 212. heading over into montgomery county as we travel on 270, smooth trip out of urbana. there is a work zone set up between urbana and right here. again, not causing much of a problem if you as you head both in and outbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. getting around downtown washington, could be a little bit tricky. all of these streets will close starting tonight because of the world bank imf meetings. the closures run from 7:30
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until 5:00 in the evening on sunday. there are signs posted alerting drivers about those changes. that volcanic eruption in iceland impacted more than just vacationers. the u.s. has to reroute flights of wounded warriors returning from the front lines. the pentagon normally sends wounded warriors to germany first. for the critical care -- >> when we land in germany, threat another opportunity to take a look outside of the battle zone so there is a little bit more breathing space to make some decisions and enhabes their stability before moving them on. >> and for the -- enhance their stability before moving them on. >> for the doctors and nurses, they say it is definitely challenging work. to the economy know and good sign the economy is rebounding. home sales are up. jobless claim are down. existing home sales jumped
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nearly 7% last month. that is the highest level since december and unemployment claim fell by 4,000 last month. starting sunday, can you buy a kindle book reader in the store. amazon is allowing the read are to be sold in target stores. it will give buyers a chance to see and try one out before they purchase it. the$259 gadget will roll out first at target's florida and minnesota stores. is there a link between cell phones and cancer. a major study just launched to find out. researchers will be looking at the long-term use over 10 to 0 years and checking to see if diseases develop. recent studies have been short term or on people would already had cancer. a health alert about your waistline i'm new study suggests that the government should revise its health line so more women can be categorized as obese. right now, it is based on body mass index. but only about half of the people considered obese under world health organization standards fall into that category under federal
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guidelines. the problem is inaccurate assessments can cause women to miss out on the help they might need. and botox isn't just for frown lines anymore. we all know the popular cosmetic injection gets rid of wrinkles. doctors say it could be a medical miracle for parkinson's patients. we have a report. >> while we are ain here for parkinson's, let's get our faces done. we had no idea. >> reporter: doug had no idea botox could benefit someone like him. a doctor diagnosed him with parkinson's about four and a half years ago. >> he said he wanted to try botox. it was like are you kidding? >> reporter: patients rehab in this room. combine that with getting botox treatments roughly every three months and someone's quality of life can greatly improve. >> sometimes i get surprised when i tell them we have to inject botox in you.
4:53 am
they say botox? is it the same one they use for cosmetic purposes. >> reporter: the doctor says botox can safely lessen symptoms of parkinson's and help patients avoid unkneed surgery. >> they are not going to get prettier. they are just going to get -- feel more comfortable. >> reporter: doug feels a lot more comfortable. a few intersections later. >> if you would no how hard it is to walk walking on the side of your foot. that my foot went back into place from the botox was like a miracle. >> they have been using botox to treat parkinson's since about the early 1990's. an escapee on the loose twice at dulles airport.
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we'll show you who sent crews on two searches. sports breakfast is coming up on the other side of the break. 
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welcome to washington, d.c. good friday morning, everybody. dave ross here with you. last night was a big night for the burgundy and gold because you don't get the fourth overall pick very often and with that pick, the redskins did this. >> the washington redskins select trent silverback williams, offensive tackle, oklahoma. >> reporter: and with that, trent william is the first player drafted under the new redskins regime with head coach mike shan an and gm bruce allen. williams wearing 71 here played right tackle an left tackle in college and even some center. he is projected to take over left tackle with the skins.
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jason campbell was sacked 4 # times. the 4-12 record was the franchise's record since 1994 so mike, is he going to play left tackle? >> i think the left tackle is the hardest position to play. we would like him to come in and compete at the left tackle position but he has a lot of experience at right tackle position. he has played the center position. i think he has the ability to play a guard position as well very he cannively. we will pencil him at the left tackle and hopefully, he will help us there. >> nice that the caps can close out the series with montreal. and all ovechkin and the caps did was win two crucial games north of the border winning both games three and four thanks in large part to alex ovechkin. the caps lead the series three games to one wind chill a win tonight, they would move on to round two. >> when you come away from that
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building and win two games, it is impossible to feel any better. that was our goal and luckily we survived it and came back. >> i don't think we're happy with the way we've played 40- minute games, 30-minute games. we haven't put a full game together. we are up in the series but we've gotten lucky. so we want to try to put together a full 60-minute game in game five. >> i'll be back with you next week. beards will grow although i've been told i might have to groom just a little bit. it is still a playoff beard. >> we'll see you later on. there was an escape at dulles international airport. a specially trained dog with the norwegian army escaped from the crate wednesday night. he was found only to make a getaway again. karen gray houston picks up the story. >> reporter: missing nearly 4 hours and after he was found the first time about 3:00 in
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the afternoon, condor seemed cool as a cucumber. >> he seems okay. >> this is his handler. she is a captain in the norwegian army here to get special training for condor and his military companion could you be a they were headed back to norway last night when somehow, condor slipped away. >> i'm know not sure of the circumstances how he got loose. he was being packaged to travel with his owner. >> reporter: then the search was o the handler and airport team searched the tarmac and the 1,000 acres of undeveloped land on the grounds of dulles. there were some sightings. >> he was found 50 yards away from the place he was spotted this morning. >> reporter: during the search inside the terminal, passengers already frustrated about tea lays due to the volcanic ash cloud were surprised to learn a dog was missing. >> really? interesting. well, at least that spices up our trip a little bit


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